provided via the Harry Anna Trust Fund

and the Florida State Elks Association

Elks Youth Camp

The Florida Elks Youth Camp is now in its 20th year. 

The 420+ acre tract, features a lake, lodges with all the comforts of home and a 15,000 square foot enclosed pavilion. Three NBA regulation courts with hydraulic flooring, archery, tennis football, kickball, a ropes course, bonfires and field days are just part of the camping experience.

The Bates Aquatic Center has two supervised 25 meter pools that are wheelchair accessible and spacious enough to allow each of the campers two hours of swim time per day.  On Friday “water day”, there is slip-and-slide that culminates in a 15-minute water fight. Everyone brings water guns, buckets, water balloons. A 1,400 gallon water truck comes in for a full-on, no-holds-barred water war.

Arts and crafts are also scheduled daily.  This is a place where kids can get as messy as they want, make as much noise as they want and still learn cooperation, responsibility and respect for others.


Most of the campers stay in cabins with seven campers and two staff members in each.  Almost every child who attends comes back until they “age out” at 18. They often return as cabin supervisors, counselors and therapists.  

Mobile Physical Therapy

Not being able to get help for your disabled child is heartbreaking . The requirement to travel long distances to reach a therapist and or the ability to pay for therapy is beyond fome families.


These are children who would otherwise slip through the cracks  - but these children are provided the care they need and deserve because of the Elks.

The teams employed by Elks Youth Therapy Program can handle both social skills and developmental issues.  Vans are provided and stocked with the latest equipment. Therapists travel to virtually every corner of the State.

On any particular day, the therapist's schedule could find her working with children at a school, where she also interacts with their teachers to check progress and offer advice.  She also makes a weekly visit to a home where the child is the star and focus of her time.  There, the therapist is able to work with the parents to monitor development and make suggestions. 

For a parent, the Elks are a true blessing.

For a therapist, each day and each child is a chance to make a difference. 

Army of Hope

The Army of Hope Project,  is a way of showing our support and appreciation to our military men and women in the Armed Forces of the United States. 

In 2007 the Florida State Elks Association began serving our deployed Florida military families with financial assistance through the FSEA Army of Hope. In 2010 the committee, with the approval of the FSEA, we expanded assistance to those returning veterans that were not covered by other funds, including a week for children of military personnel at our Florida Youth Camp.

Examples of aid assistance include:

  • School lunches

  • Medical and dental emergencies not covered by insurance

  • Minor home repairs (plumbing, painting, etc.)

  • Auto repairs or transportation when needed

  • Full-time or back-up babysitting

  • Phone cards to contact loved ones

  • Lawn mowing, landscaping, sprinkler repairs

  • A/C and major appliance repairs

  • Clothing, shoes

Since our inception, the AOH has distributed over $187,225 to military personnel and their families. ​We are now receiving more and more requests to help.


Our sole source of income is the picnics and events sponsored by lodges throughout the state and donations made throughout the year. We are also funded by a general purpose card program with the money to be shared between AOH and Hope Scholarship. We have been successful because of the generosity and support of Florida Elks and their friends.


All money raised goes to support the troops and their families.

There are no administrative costs or salaries.

Hope Scholarships

The mission of The Florida State Elks Association HOPE Scholarship is to provide financial support for the educational needs of Florida high school seniors without which they would not be able to achieve their educational goals.

The scholarship targets students who are not in the top 10% of their graduating class but have managed to maintain a minimum of 3.3 unweighted GPA. These students have demonstrated leadership through participation in school activities, community service and citizenship. Consideration is given to those students who have shouldered extra responsibility such as working throughout their high school careers to help provide support of siblings or family.

The student must be in graduating class of high school or its related equivalent. They must also be an American citizen and a resident of Florida. The FSEA HOPE Scholarship may be used for a vocational or technical training school as well as college or university study.

Students are scored on a total of a possible 1500 points for financial need, scholarship, employment, leadership, an essay, community service, honors and awards and extracurricular activities.